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Artist's Statement
"When beginning a sculpture I have an idea of what the Gnome will look like, but the Gnome never turns out the way I envision, and I'm always surprised by the mysterious characters that 'appear' out of the clay."

Our studio began when the owner brought her love of old world Garden Gnomes from her native country Wales to the gardens of the USA and the world.

Our Clay Gnomes are cast from rare 18th and 19th Century antique Gnomes and original works. They are handmade using English Stoneware Pottery which has a beautiful quality and feel. It's a very strong type of pottery that is high fired in our Kiln to 2,232°F to make sure it holds up to weather, heat, cold, damp, and will last a long time.

Each Clay Gnome is made in our workshop and takes 1-2 weeks to complete. Due to the handmade and hand-glazed process, no two Clay Gnomes will be exactly alike so our customers can be assured that every Gnome is truly special.

In a world of concrete and plastic we are trying very hard to offer our customers a quality product that you would be proud to display in your own gardens, give as a gift, or hand down through the generations.

Here at Kimmel Gnomes we love Gnomes and the little bit of joy they bring to all who discover them standing guard at the bottom of the garden.

All Kimmel CLAY Gnomes Are Suitable For Outdoor Use!

About Our Finishes
Effective August 6th, 2004

All our Clay Gnomes are now Matt Glazed for a durable weather resistant finish. We only use paint for some details and unusual colors.


NEW for MAY 2007: Now all Kimmel Gnome's CLAY Gnomes are Glazed on the INSIDE as well! This increases our Gnomes durability against the weather, water, impacts and insects! As our most valued customers have come to expect, ONLY Kimmel Gnomes are including this extra level of protection on it's higher quality products!





We have been given Top Ratings by our customers! We've Been Given Top Ratings By Our Customers!


"I just received my gnomes and wow was I impressed, these little guys are adorable. You can see the quality of work that was put into them and the individuality they have. I cant wait to give them to my mom on Saturday. She just started her collection a few months ago and these are so much nicer than the mass produced ones she has. Im sure she will be ordering some from you soon. Thanks." 



 "I have a collection of many gnomes, my Kimmels keep their color and don't crack during the freezing months. Thank you for a quality product and for preserving Gnome history."  



"I just received my first two Kimmel Gnomes and they are beautiful! Their charming faces really brighten up my garden. I'll be ordering Kimmel Gnomes for gifts this holiday season - who wouldn't love such a wonderful, handcrafted gnome? Thank you!"


"Thanks again, this is my 3rd order and I as usual the Gnome is perfect (Dogwood) He is a gift for old friends, they will love him!"


"I just recieved my gnomes and I love them, It did not look good at first (box was not in good shape) but the packing was first class. Thanks for the extra goodies and my new friends will be joining the other Gnomes in the backyard. I want more!"

Anonymous, - Unknown

"My first order from you arrived yesterday (# 5xxx). I am thrilled with the products. The quality is so beautiful and they are strong enough to stay outside in the northeast. Thank you very much and I'll be ordering again in the near future."

J.S, - USA

"Hi, My Husband purchased a Gnome for me for my birthday (yesterday) and I wanted to tell you how thrilled I am with the look of my Gnome. He is the 9.5" Gnome that looks like a shorter version of Willard. I am calling mine Willy after my husband even if he is short. What a remarkable product you have created. I can't wait for my garden to start up so Willy the Gnome can go out and play. Thanks again."


"I just opened my delivery and couldn't be more pleased. I googled all over the internet to find gnomes. It is X-mas and my birthday all at once. You have an awesome product and I am sssooooo pleased. They are loveable."

J.T., Hailey, Idaho - USA

"A warm hello to all at Kimmel Gnomes,

GrumbleRoot arrived safe and sound this afternoon thanks to your fabulous packing techniques. I just had to write and tell you how much I dearly LOVE him! His face has so much impish character and all the work y'all put into creating his beautiful beard is incredible. Truly exquisite. Herbert has always been my favorite so far, but GrumbleRoot is giving Herbie some stiff competition now, ha-ha! I mean...how precious is that little rake and pail in his hands?? I'm delighted to say he makes our tenth purchase from Kimmel Gnomes and now we're eagerly awaiting yet another (MeadowBrook) to join our clan. Each time we think we've completed our "Kimmel Kollection",you come up with yet another design that we just can't resist! The artistry and quality of your gnomes are unsurpassed. Thank you for being one of the very FEW companies out there who takes pride in providing a product that is a perfect example of what the term "olde world craftmanship" really means. Thanks again and big Gnomish Grins from..."

K and J, Old Fort, N.C. - USA

"Just wanted to tell you Thank You for the Gnome. I gave him to my husband for Christmas and He (the gnome, not my husband) has a new home in our back yard. Living in Washington he (the gnome) has been getting a lot of rain dumped on him but he seems to be able to handle it. Thank you for sending him to us. We love him!"
C.H., Vancouver, Washington - USA

"Dear Kimmel Gnomes,

We received our Gnomes, today. They arrived in a timely manner and were very well packed. We are so pleased with the Gnomes. The pictures of them showed just what they look like, but in person, they have so much more personality. Harold with grasshopper had a spot at the corner of a rockery, which was picked out ahead of his arrival, and he fits there like He was measured for the spot. Willard with pipe is standing on the patio with flowers and ferns. Not sure where all he will visit in the back yard, I guess it will be up to him. He can try many places in “his” back yard and can stand wherever he is happy. Thank you!"

D.G. - USA

"Good Morning... I received my four gnomes yesterday and I absolutely LOVE them!! They arrived in perfect condition (excellent packaging). Each one had his own personality and antique look. I know your instructions say to varnish if a shiny coat is wanted, but I would never change the beauty of any of my “little” guys. I have them scattered throughout my yard/gardens. Before the week is over, I plan to buy three or four more. Stanley is exceptional. I just love him. Thanks again for these wonderful gnomes."
S. J, - USA

"Well the Gnomes I ordered are all at home in the Garden's, several small problems, both Leprechauns seem to take the mushrooms away from the smaller Gnomes, and I am finding tiny empty whisky flasks around some of the flowers. The rest of the group is well behaved and are busy tending the garden."
P.G, - USA

"Dear Kimmel Gnomes,
Received my garden gnome a few days ago. He has the wonderful patina of an aged ceramic piece although he is brand new. I was worried he would show up very glossy and new looking but that is not the case. I immediately placed Arthur in a small perennial bed and he looks like he's been standing there for years. I am sure to break into a smile every I pass by the little fellow."
D.L, - USA

My Mother grew up in Germany and on Sundays her father took her to see the gnomes working outside the flower shop. My grandmother also had 3 in her garden. When my mother decided she wanted a gnome, she was sorely dissappointed in what was available. Gnomes today are so Disney. Even on a trip to Czeckoslovakia, she found the same Disney-like gnomes. I bought her one of your gnomes (Winkelwisp) and she is very happy. He is very much like the gnomes she grew up with. Serious and industrious. Thank you very much for making real gnomes available to us who know what real ones were like. I'm sure we'll be ordering from you again,
Colette - USA

"Pleasantly surprised at how quick the ground shipping turned out to be. Quite happy with the product, how it was shipped, and all of the little goodies that came with the purchase. I will visit again."
L.R, Escondido, California - USA

"Love the product. Love the service. Love the web site. I've placed two orders with them now. Everything was perfect."
A.M, Santa Clara, California - USA

"Everything went great shopping with the Kimmelgnomes company."
D.G, Troy, Michigan - USA

"2nd time I've ordered and was not disappointed; they even answered an email question for me lickity-split. Thanks Kimmel!"
D.S, Fullerton, California - USA

"A top notch company with a beautiful product! Nothing is better then having a few gnomes in the home looking over things. Old-fashioned craftsmanship with European flair from the artist. Thank you for offering a product that no one else makes."
J.B, Anchorage, Alaska - USA

"Variety, selection and a nice web site! This was a birthday gift being shipped to a separate address. Kimmelgnomes.com gave me the date when the package would arrive and it actually arrived on that date. In addition to e-mailing me order and shipping confirmation messages, they sent me a paper-copy of the reciept with some darling gnome postcards. If you are in the market for a gnome, this is the place to shop!"
C.C, Richmond, Virginia - USA

"Absolutely the best!!! Individual customer attention, lightning fast shipping and a product that is beyond compare. These are great people to work with and I HIGHLY recommend them!"
N.M, Cincinnati, Ohio - USA

"I ordered a Kimmel Gnome for Mom as a Mother's Day present on Wednesday before the weekend of Mother's Day. I did not think my present would arrive on time because I ordered so late; however, my Mom called me on Saturday with the news that her present had arrived. She was delighted with the little story that came with her garden gnome. I will certainly order from them again."
A.C, Fayetteville, North Carolina - USA

"After looking for gnomes everywhere, I finally found you guys. Not only do you have great gnomes, but the best I've seen available. Thanks!"
H.M, Bushkill, Pennsylvania - USA

"Love my Gnome!!!!! Thank You! Would shop here again."
P.H, Schenectady, New York - USA

"I really love the gnome and will be ordering more for my friends."
T.A, Los Angeles, California - USA

"Thanks, got then today and love them! Thanks for the shipping concerns and the confidence on the info."
M.B, Plano, Texas - USA

"Great site and gnomes – the best on the web!"
J.O, Dublin, Ireland - UK

"I was extremely pleased to have found Kimmel. It is obvious to me that the Kimmel organization is a rare blend of the artistic, the craftsmen, and caring individuals. I'm sure I will be very pleased when I receive ‘my Gnome’. Thank you."
S.P, Cherry Hill, New Jersey - USA

"I received my garden gnome several weeks ago (purchased for a birthday present). When I opened the box to make sure nothing had been broken during shipment, I was delighted to see that it was even nicer than I anticipated! It's absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for the speedy shipment and superior quality product! The gnome will be cherished in our garden!"
J.R, Wooster, Ohio - USA

"I received the gnomes yesterday, and had to write you. I JUST LOVE THEM! My husband and I bought them to celebrate our wedding anniversary, and start a collection for our garden. They are even MORE wonderful then pictured on your website! We are so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship on these adorable ceatures, that we look forward to adding many more - SOON! Thank you so much for the ease of ordering, the email confirmations, and just an A-ONE job all the way!"
J.M, Vancouver, Washington - USA

"The gnome, gift and stickers arrived yesterday. Thanks very much for the beautiful packing and lovely product!"
T.R, Oxford, England - UK

"These are the Gnomes I have been looking for. They are like the ones George Harrison had in his garden on his estate in Friar Park!!!! Wow you have the best Gnomes. Sorry it’s silly but I love them. I can’t wait til’ Sedgewick gets here!!!!!"
T.P, Fremont, California - USA

"This transaction was delightful. I shop online a great deal, and was extremely pleased with Kimmel Gnomes. Their site is friendly and easy to navigate, and the response/delivery time was outstanding. They rank among the very best I have dealt with."
A.H, Tyrone, Pennsylvania - USA

"Not only did my purchase arrive in pristine condition, I also got free little gnomesque gifts (wee little garden tools and seeds and stickers, so cute!)."
D.J, New York, New York - USA

"I was pleased that my order came so quickly. I will order again from them."
M.R, Topeka, Kansas - USA

"Very easy purchase, and very satisfied with the product. Thanks!"
C.B, Sylvania, Ohio - USA

"I received the shipment and I am so excited by these little gnomes! They are just so well made, and better than I could imagine. Wonderful expressions and color. Thank you so much for expediting the package. I'm thrilled and have enough time to wrap them and get them to my clients."
M.M, Santee, California - USA

"Outstanding service...product, delivery etc. By far the finest gnomes around!!"
T.L, Royal Oak, Michigan - USA

"I want to say that I received my gnome a couple of days ago and he is beautiful. You all did a wonderful job of creating him. I know my mom will really like him. I will look forward to doing business with Kimmel Gnomes again. Also, thank you for the lovely postcards. I really like them."
T.F, Delray Beach, Florida - USA

"My Mother and Grandmother absolutely loved their gnomes!!"
K.F, Lake Jackson, Texas - USA

"Easy online ordering, really FAST delivery and the best darn gnome I've seen. Truly a satisfied customer."
J.M, Blairstown, New Jersey - USA

"A good web site. Solid information, good photos of the goods, excellent descriptions. Straightforward ordering system. My gift arrived very fast, perfectly packed. I'm thinking of ordering more from this vendor."
A.M, Belmont, California - USA

"Just wanted to let you know that "Green Thumb" arrived safely. I'm really happy with the little guy. I think the craftsmanship and attention to detail on him is really superb. He looks great out in my garden and that I've named him Sam."
M.H, Folsom, California - USA

"KimmelGnomes was very efficient and fast, and the merchandise arrived carefully packaged and in good shape. I would definitely buy from them again."
P.M, Denver, Colorado - USA

"Posie is beautiful! I'm saving for another."
A.S, Miami, Florida - USA

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